Hellish end to a hellish week

I’ve done well staying on track with food and exercise this week–and I’ve certainly been tested.  It was a hellish week at home and at work.  I’m sure that hormones had some influence on some of it, but I finally started my cycle on Friday.  That has since alleviated some of the bloat and chocolate cravings. 

Finances continue to be an issue.  Things remain very tight around here and it’s difficult to keep healthy foods in the house.  We are trying to stretch things as best we can.  Once again I find myself wishing I’d put that vegetable garden in this last Spring.  I was too out of shape and we never could agree on where to put it in the yard.  I’m not letting another year pass without a garden of some kind.  I’ll be working the ground throughout the winter to get all the dead grass cleared from the spot I’ve chosen.

Friday night, two of our kids got sick.  My husband and I didn’t get much sleep as a result.  I had to get up Saturday morning and take one of our dogs to a mobile spay clinic but by the time I got home I just climbed back into bed.  I did not feel good and slept off an on until about 1 in the afternoon.

Didn’t eat much yesterday.

A banana for breakfast.

Turkey lunch meat and light miracle whip on whole wheat for lunch.

Didn’t feel like eating any of that but by dinner I was really hungry and had an oven roasted chicken on whole wheat with pepper jack, lettuce, and tomato from Subway.

Topped the evening off with sugar free jello and cool whip free.

I’m feeling much better today.  I’ll probably spend some time on the Wii Fit before doing some housework. Or vice versa. 

I’m hoping for a better week than last week. 

My mother has knee surgery on Tuesday and I’ll be spending the day with her then.  I’ll try to plan ahead and take some food with me or make sure mom has some at her house.  She’s been trying to eat healthier too, so I may be okay.  I’ll talk to her today about that.   Wednesday is the Board of Trustees meeting at work. Thursday I’m taking an educational program to a Kindergarten classroom.  In between all of that, I have a monster load of work to do in my office and around the museum to get ready for a reception for our new exhibit holiday open house the first week of December.

We are coming into a challenging time of the year as far as weight-loss goals are concerned.  All the food–and it’s just everywhere.  And there is so little time for exercise with all the social gatherings and projects coming due.  This will be the first time I make a real effort to stay on track and lose weight through a holiday season. 

No excuses.  No regrets.  I’ll push through and do my best. Moderation is the key to handling it all–including the occasional hellish week or two.


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  1. Stick with it – you’re always an inspiration to me, and hopefully, even through illness, monetary issues and the like, you’ll keep moving foward! you can do this! WE can do this!

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