An hour of Wii Fit a day…

Melts the fat away.

Seriously, ya’ll.  When I was consistently doing an hour or more of Wii Fit during the summer months is when I was losing weight the most consistently.  Over the course of less than two months of regular Wii Fit use, I lost around 20 pounds.  Maybe more.

So, now that I can no longer afford my YMCA family membership, it’s time to get back to using the Wii Fit daily.  I have the Y membership through the end of November–maybe through the 15th of December. I need to ask and clarify. So, I’ll keep using the elliptical and other machines at the Y, while I have access. But it’s time to start working the Wii Fit back into my regular exercise routine.

Now, if only Nintendo would hurry up and put out some more exercise themed Wii games using the balance board. I know there’s Jillian Michael’s Fitness Ultimatum, and I’ve added it to my Christmas wishlist, but I’d like more extended yoga routines. Longer step routines. Those are my favorites kinds of Wii fit activities.

Until more games come out, I’ll have to switch things up here at home using exercise DVDs instead.  But I’ll just be biding my time, watching for the games.

What’s your favorite way to work out? Do you have a Wii? What are your favorite games?


5 responses

  1. Working out is my “weakest link”. I don’t have the energy with all the getting-up-at-night I do with this drinking issue I have. Getting back to the gym is priority, though – maybe today.

  2. We are getting a Wii for Christmas as well as a Wii Fit. I am thinking an hour a day would be good. What do you like on the Fit? I haven’t ever used one so I don’t know what all is on it. I’m looking forward to Hula Hooping.

  3. I love to do activity things to exercise, like rock-climb or dance, stuff that is more fun than routine. But I’m married to a guy who isn’t into that stuff, so I’ve unfortunately sacrificed it. I’m trying to change that though, get back into it for me.

    I do love yoga, and I subscribe to some free video podcasts. YogAmazing is the best, I think.

    I read your title and thought it was a ‘finish this sentence’ game, so I mentally came up with a few before reading the post.
    An hour of wii fit a day keeps the thigh chunk at bay. 🙂 That’s my contribution.

  4. I would really love to buy a wii. We’ve tossed around the idea for awhile but haven’t jumped into it yet. I used to always get so embarassed to work out at home (with videos) because I knew I looked so funny but now my new work hours help to give me some alone time.

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