Staying on track

It’s hard to be consistent.  Lack of consistency has always been my downfall.  Something comes up, perhaps we eat out and I go totally off track.  I overeat or eat something I have no business having at all.  Buffets are especially difficult to deal with.

Perhaps I go out of town, visiting family, or have just had a really long trying day.  You name it. I’ve used it as an excuse.

And those excuses have kept me from making real progress.  Yes, it really is okay to go off plan every once in a while.  But it has to be ONCE in a while.  Not FIVE times in a while.  Or TEN times in a while. 

Always, always, always moderation enters into the equation.  The last week has been rough.  The weekend saw our family hit by a stomach virus.  I didn’t eat much at all this weekend.  Often that serves as an excuse–when I’m feeling better–to go hog wild.  Not this time.

We ate at a buffet Monday night.  I filled up with a big salad.  I stuck to grilled lean meat and steamed brocolli.  I did have a dessert but it wasn’t an entire plate filled with every kind of desert like I would have in the past.

Tuesday I spent the day with my mother, while she had knee replacement surgery.  I was up at 4am, had a healthy breakfast.  I ate a salad with fajita chicken for lunch.  When I got home, late yesterday evening I had some nachos but I didn’t go overboard.  Moderation.

Today, I’m suffering with a horrible cold.  I had a healthy breakfast, a turkey on whole wheat for lunch with yogurt for a snack.  We had pizza tonight. Again, I had half of what I normally would eat.

The scale is beginning to move again.  And I have hope that I can make it through the Thanksgiving holiday next week without going off track.  Even if I do, as long as I watch my portion sizes and get right back on track, I know I will succeed.

“Fall seven times. Stand up eight.” Japanese proverb


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  1. I want to share with you some things that help me.

    First, on Thanksgiving – buy a Jennie-O Turkey BREAST. It’s about half the size of a turkey, all meat, all lean. I switched to white meat only last year, and it’s made a difference. Green beans and cranberry sauce are your friends on Thanksgiving. Use fat free/low sodium cream of whatever soup, though.

    Okay, now the mental side of things. This is what I do when I am confused about why things aren’t working and the scale isn’t moving.

    First, be your body. Really. Think of yourself as muscle, fat cells, blood. Now when you have this visualization, imagine you’re working out. Close your eyes and see those muscles breaking down, tearing. That’s the pain you feel from your workout. When you see the muscle tearing and breaking down, imagine cells of protein attacking the broken muscle and pulling from those fat cells to repair the tears. Like filling a pothole. It takes concrete, but it also takes water. Now you’re body is tired from repairing your muscle, so imagine the pure carbs that come from fruits and vegetables coming into your blood to provide energy so your body keeps using that protein and fat to repair the muscle.

    Now, once you have all of that visualized, think about the foods you need to consume to keep that happening all day. Since you should only break down your muscles every other day, it is even more important to increase your protein on odd days.

    Now, your body is running efficiently. Right? It’s using everything you’re putting into it to burn those fat cells and repair muscle.

    Now imagine you cheat a little.

    Your body, expecting all of those things it needs to repair those muscles and stay energized comes to a quick halt and thinks “what is this?!?! I don’t need this, I don’t know what to do with this! I should just store it.” Because pretty much, that’s what happens. BUT, it takes time for that to occur. Say 24 hours.

    Now you’ve cheated. What’s the best way to reverse the effects of that indulgence? Getting RIGHT back on track. Then, while your body is going to store that excess, suddenly it sees what it needs coming in and it switches gears. “Wait, I don’t need that stuff now, I have what I need.” and it will dispose of the waste.

    I’ve found that keeping this visual and thought process helps so much. I know it happens. It’s going to happen. We’re human. But when you can kind of get inside of the situation, you gain a better understanding of how you can best serve your body to do the things it needs to do to reach the goals you want to reach.

    I hope that helps (let alone makes sense!!)

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