Sick and Tired

I’ve been sick for over three weeks now.  The coughing.  Oh the coughing.  I could really do without the coughing.  I can’t exercise, because the heavy breathing causes wracking coughing fits.

I’ve back slid some.  And I’m totally blaming it on this mother effin cold.  My husband had it first and his lasted 3-4 weeks too.  I’m hoping that means I’m almost over it.

On top of the cold, I’ve been super busy at work.  I am only supposed to work 20 hours a week but the amount of responsibility I have requires so much more.  So it’s nose to the grindstone all the time.  We got through a major exhibit opening last week as well as a mailing to businesses asking for donations (I work for a non profit).  Now it’s on to preparing the annual report newsletter and the letter sent to our membership and other community members asking for their 2009 annual contributions.  All this in addition to my regular responsibilities managing the place.

Then there is the heartbreak we experienced last week.  In the course of 7 days–from one weekend to another we lost two pets.  The first was a sick kitten we rescued.  He didn’t make it.  The second was our Houdini dog who refused to be confined in the yard.  He’s normally very street smart but this last Sunday he took off after a neighborhood dog who doesn’t stay in his own yard either and instead of paying attention to the traffic like he normally does he barreled straight into an SUV and got run over.  It broke his neck.

I saw it happen.  I’m really gonna miss that dog.

So with all of that, and our finances being so tight, I haven’t been eating well and definitely haven’t been exercising.  No time, no energy, no money and then there is the coughing too.  I’m thinking the universe owes me a break pretty soon.   I’m so ready to get back to feeling better, not mention losing this weight.


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