Today is the last day of the year. While 2008 has had some high lights its definitely had a few low ones as well.

I’m ready for it to be over.

I’m considering taking the Weim we rescued for a walk this morning before getting ready for work. It will be our last chance to do so…I think I may have found him a new home.

I’ve grown pretty attached to the guy in the last few weeks, but its just not a good fit for him or us.  The cats do not like him and he’s just way too rough.  He’s knocked over the kids a few times and given the youngest a few warning nips–nothing hurtful, just letting our 4 year old know it’s time to “knock it off”. 

I’m gonna miss the guy. I’m really hoping the couple I’ve been talking to are the right place for him. They are older, their kids are grown and out of the house.  They have a female weimaraner and a female samoyed/shephard mix at home. They had a male great dane who has passed away and are ready to get another “big boy” to add to their family. I’m working on scheduling a visit to their home with “Rudy”. That’s the name we settled on for him–short for “rudolph” in honor of the season, and the fact that he leaps the gate across our kitchen doorway as gracefully as a deer.  He learned to answer to that name quicker than anything else we tried out on him.  It fits.

Anyway, I’m gonna miss the guy. I think I’ll go take him for a walk now.


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