Will he or won’t he?

My husband announced today that he plans to reach his goal weight, forty pounds lighter, by June this year.

I have mixed emotions about that.  On the one hand, I hope he’s serious, because if he is and he’ll work with me I have a better chance of losing a significant amount of weight in that time. 

On the other other hand, I’m totally skeptical.  He’s never showed a serious interest in losing weight let alone making a real effort to lose weight and exercise with me.  I’m doubtful that he will stick with it as he has never wanted to sacrifice what it takes to lose the weight. 

On the other OTHER hand, I’m a little bit resentful.  He has spent the last nine years of our relationship eating whatever the hell he wants and at times blatantly sabotaging me and now that he has decided to make some healthy changes he probably won’t even have to make more than a few minor changes in his lifestyle and the weight will fall off of him.

I don’t know…we shall see.  I guess I’m a bit leary also.  I’m afraid to get my hopes up that he will actually do this with me and stick with it until we both reach our goals and make the lifestyle changes permanent.


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  1. Jump into it with him – I was totally skeptical when Scott said he wanted to shake a few pounds. It was probably the best thing we ever did together. It might be for you guys, too.

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