The husband was already waffling last night on his resolve to lose weight in 2009. Later in the evening, after we had gone to the store, he flippantly commented that we should have gotten more snacks–I reminded him that we have plenty of healthy snacks such as fruit.

This morning I prodded him with a bit of incentive, at least I hope it’s incentive.

I told him that if he could stick with this and seriously work towards his goal of weighing 180 by June then this would help me and I could possibly get to below my wedding weight (nine years ago!) by then as well. It’s not my final goal weight. I have a lot more to lose than that, but it’s a significant dent in the overall number I need to lose and could put me close to, or below 200 pounds by then.

He assured me he still wanted to lose weight and that he would work with me. I hope so.

I’m going to the YMCA this afternoon after work. I haven’t been in about two months since I spent most of November and December sick with bronchitis. Thank goodness, I’m finally over it. I’m itching to get back on that elliptical machine.


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