Building momentum

Sparkpeople calls it building a “streak”.  Whatever you call it, it’s important to facilitate consistency and focus.  The momentum is key to build consistency as well as to get that satisfaction and reward of seeing progress in the changes on the scale and in how clothing fits.

Right now, I’m focusing on one month at a time. Not one day at a time–I’ve tried that and it’s too easy to get into the frame of mind that I can just start over again tomorrow.  Right now I’m focused on getting to February 1st without skipping my exercise or allowing myself any caffeinated diet coke.  That’s a big side-tracker for me.  The caffeinated DC. 

I’m drinking at least 12 cups of water today–and more if at all possible.  That means lots of trips to the bathroom but I remind myself that the body has to flush the fat somehow–why not down the toilet?

I’m focused on eating right.  I’ve slacked here most of all.  I’ve allowed myself to derail and go down the fast food path too many times in the last year.  No more.  I’m cutting out fried/breaded foods–and I am going to stick to it.  At least for one month. 

Perhaps I will allow myself a cheat day at the end of that month.  But only if I can confidently commit to getting right back on track the next day.

I have some challenges ahead of me.  There is a lot going on at work.  I’m coming up on the fifth anniversary of my father’s death in 9 days.  And January 29th is our 9th wedding anniversary.

Perhaps I’ll move up my deadline to the 29th, 30th, or 31st when we celebrate–that is, IF I can get a sitter that weekend.  That’s just over three weeks (almost four!) to build my momentum–to build a streak–and finally get out of the 280s.   Don’t experts say it takes just 21 days to build a habit?  That’s just the momentum I need to get this weight melting off. Once and for all.


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  1. I’m doing a 35 day rejuvenate myself thing, too. I agree with you about the month thing. The day at a time mindset is too lenient for me. It’s exciting to read about your success!

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