I’ve lost 15 lbs in the last 5 weeks.  That’s 3 lbs a week.

Awesome right?

I know.  But I’m impatient.  I admit it.  I would like to lose faster, even though I know it’s not healthy and it’s less likely to stick.  There’s still that part of me that wants instant gratification.  That would also be the part of me that got me fat in the first place.


I know better though.  It didn’t go on overnight–although it damn sure went on a lot faster than it will take to come off I can guarantee you that.  I try to keep perspective though.  I make small goals.  I set milestones.  I sit down with a calendar and I make projections.  For example, if I continue to lose weight at a rate of an average of 3 lbs per week until I hit 200 lbs then take it to around 10 lbs a month after that, I will hit goal by next January.

That’s not so bad, right?  I mean, I’ve still got over 120 lbs to lose before I’m at goal.  Losing that much in a year is frickin’ awesome.  If I can do that, stay that focused for 12 months, I will have accomplished something truly amazing. 

People won’t even recognize me.

I won’t even recognize me.

I can do this.  I can be patient.  I have to–one way or another–or it will never happen.  I’ll never make goal.  So I damn well better develop some patience and consistency and persistance now.  NOW more than ever.


P.S.  Jeff (my husband) has lost five pounds since the first of the year making hardly any changes at all to his diet. 




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  1. Do NOT compare yourself to any dude. They lose it quick, but if they are like my hubby, it also comes back quick and they tend to do a lot of yo-yoing.

    You are doing the right thing – 3 lbs a week is GREAT at this point. Rooting you on!

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