Enter Diabetes

Not me. My husband. After weeks of feeling poorly, my husband went to the doctor.

He has diabetes.

This is the man who has always eaten whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. A breakfast for him might consist of a twinkie or a cupcake. He loves his food fried and salty.

It was quite a blow for him.

But, it’s not like he popped a 400 on his blood sugar. It was 192 fasting. We’ve caught it early. He’s only 32 and I firmly believe that he can manage this with diet and exercise.

He’s not happy about it, but he’s handling it pretty well–much better than I expected him to. I was afraid he might go into a bit of denial, but he hasn’t. He’s making some changes, and now the junk has to leave the house for good. This isn’t just about me losing weight anymore. Yes, my weight affects my health, but not in as imminent a way as diabetes affects his.

He told me yesterday that this confirms God’s sense of humor. He said, “Every day I pray for you to lose the weight and for God to help me to find a way to help you do it.”

Well. This will do it.

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4 responses

  1. Oh wow – yes, that will certainly help him help you, and vice versa. I’ve got some medical things going on that are preventing me from losing even when I try my hardest – so I’ll be seeing a few doctors over the next few weeks.

    It sucks when it’s a medical reason – but it is quite the wake up call!!

  2. Did they put him on Metformin? Sometimes that gives a boost to weight loss. It still comes off slower, but when the pancreas and liver do what they’re supposed to do, it really does help.

    They recently upped my dose, but I lost the ten pounds without really changing much in the way I eat other than adding in a snack and actually paying attention to how I feel rather than writing it off to being run down “this time of year.”

    And really – it’s amazing how much better you feel when your blood sugar is where it’s supposed to be.

  3. My kid sister has diabetes, it’s part of a cocktail of health problems. It’s totally manageable, and it sounds like you guys are well on your way to keeping it under control with your great attitudes!

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