I love Weight Watchers Desserts

I mean it.  I really really love Weight Watchers desserts.  Those desserts–especially the ice cream ones, are what I look forward to at the end of the day.  When I ‘ve been good all day, stayed in my calorie range, drank all my water, not strayed off plan and eaten crap, that is my reward.  I sit down with a Weight Watchers Giant Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream bar or a Weight Watchers Giant Cookies and Cream ice cream bar and I savor the yummy goodness along with knowing that I’ve put in a good days work towards reaching my goals.  Another favorite are the Cookie Dough Sundae and the Double Fudge Cake. 

As you may be able to tell, I like ice cream and chocolate and cookies and cakes.  It’s nice to have a safe low calorie alternative to indulge in, and not feel so deprived.

*This post was not sponsored by anyone. I really love these deserts and just finished one after a day of working in over 10,000 steps toward my goals of becoming healthier.  I just wanted to share.*


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