It’s inside of you

Tonight on the Biggest Loser, Kristen said, “It’s inside of you–like–you have it inside of you, and you just have to find it.”

That hit home for me in a way I can’t fully describe.  It makes me smile and cry at the same time.  She’s so right.  Everyone of us has it inside of us to make the changes in our lives, the kinds of changes that will impact our lives for the better.  We won’t find them in a pill.  We can’t find them in a gimick or fad diet.  There is no easy fix and sitting on your ass wishing it was easier or different somehow will not make it so.

Each of us has to look inside of ourselves and make the choice to get up off our ass and move.  Each of us has to make  the choice to eat strawberries instead of cheesecake.  To choose water over soda.  To choose salmon or chicken or lean beef over deep fried corndogs and tator tots.

The motivation comes from within too.  Yes, we can find inspiration outside of ourselves but the motivation has to come from within.  We must actively search for it and continue to search for and find it with each positive choice we make to change our lives.  With each positive choice that motivation, along with momentum, will grow.

One choice at a time, found and made from inside.  It’s the only way we can ever truly fulfill our potential and achieve our goals and in so doing, make our dreams come true.  No one can do it for us. 

I am the only one that can change me.  No one else.  Only me.


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