It’s not just fat, it’s a disease

I went off course for 2 months. A combination of factors figured in this detour. First, I weighed in at my local YMCA’s biggest loser challenge and just missed making my goal for the month. I let that get into my head and took a break that was originally only supposed to last a weekend….then a week…which led to a month…which led to nearly 2 whole months. 

I gained about ten pounds back. So. Not. Cool. 

I have to learn that while its okay to take a little bit of a break, I must get right back on track and I absolutely cannot allow myself to be sucked back into a cycle of drinking diet cokes at every opportunity. It leads to binge eating and uncontrollable cravings for sweets and refined carbs. 

Today, I’m choosing to get back on track. No pop. A healthy breakfast and lots of water to start the day and after I take my son to preschool, I went to the YMCA this morning and worked out for an hour.  It felt good to get back into exercising.

My husband seems to finally be adjusting some to the Diabetes. He’s not as resentful about it–or at least not as vocal about the resentment and I finally feel like I can get back to healthy choices without his griping about every one of them and how much they suck and how he wishes he could eat what he wants AND that I’m lucky because I can eat what I want–HA!–because I’m not a diabetic and he can never ever have anything he likes ever again. 

But I can’t eat whatever I want, as I’ve pointed out to him over and over. Not if I want to be healthy. If I continue with bad habits and poor eating choices my obesity will kill me just as surely as his diabetes will kill him if he doesn’t make healthy choices. 

Obesity is a disease too. I absolutely must start treating it as a disease every bit as serious as his diabetes–and so must he.


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