Self-diagnosed Pre-diabetic

I’ve made no progress, these past many months. Still sitting at 290ish. And now, I’m prediabetic.

How do I know?

Earlier this year, my husband was diagnosed with diabetes after he had started feeling sick nearly every day. His vision was blurring and in the evenings he was feeling woozy and sick to his stomach–as if he had motion sickness. His eye doctor spotted the signs first and advised a blood sugar test. At first he was in denial–we both were. But it kept happening, and finally he went into the doctor. Sure enough, his fasting sugar was high. Too high.

We have no medical insurance, so now he’s got a label and no insurance. Since the beginning of this year, and his diagnosis in February, he’s managed to get his eating under control, and has lost over 30 lbs. He’s brought his A1C blood test numbers out of the 8s and down to the low 6s, a range his doctor is very happy with. He’s done it without medication.

Meanwhile, I had lost 30 lbs at the beginning of the year and gained it back again. And now, I’m showing symptoms. We’ve used my husband’s testing kit to check my fasting blood sugar in the morning and its in the healthy range but in the evenings I’m not. I just had my husband check my sugar and it was sitting at 134. This weekend I spiked a 202. This isn’t good.

I have to get this under control, now before I’m full blown. How many chances is it going to take? How many warnings do I get before I don’t get anymore?

It has to stop now. I have to change my life.


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  1. I am so sorry to hear this. 😦

    I want to suggest to you to try the “core” plan (weight watchers). Essentially, you don’t eat anything that isn’t natural.

    You can eat as much as you want of the following:

    Lean meats and fish
    (olive oils and nuts in moderation, but daily)
    Whole grain (in moderation, daily ie. whole grain breads w/ fiber, double protein – brown rice, beans.)
    Dairy (nonfat – cottage cheese, milk, yogurts, moderation, daily)

    If you do that, your whole family will note a huge difference in energy and health as well as weight. Immediately.

    Make Friday night your “spoiler” night, one night a week to splurge – and you’ll find you feel better when you don’t.

    Now, I know it’s SO MUCH EASIER to say it than to do it. I am “one to talk”. It’s not easy to say no, it’s not easy to commit. But the day you do, the day you fully give yourself to it, you will feel better. I promise you that.

    Vegetables fill you up, though it’s temporary – you eat more often. It doesn’t take long to feel full when you eat 2-3 cups of vegetables (steamers are fantastic). The lean meats and fish give a longer lasting fill, when combined with small amounts of grains (brown rice, etc.), you won’t feel hungry, you can eat until you’re satisfied as long as you stick to those core foods.


  2. Leanne,

    I know what to do. I have been down the path many times, my problem is in my head. It’s all mental and I know it. There is a block there and I have to find a way to move past it and stay there.

    Thanks for the support, you know I appreciate it.

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