Week 1 of New Beginnings: Down 2.1 lbs

My goal is to lose a minimum of 2 lbs each week (up to 3 lbs would be awesome) I met that minimum goal this week. Even though I wasn’t able to do formal workouts each day as I had planned, and had a less than perfect week nutrition-wise, I managed a 2 lb loss.

I’m thinking more realistically about what I can and cannot do. I cannot be perfect. I just can’t. As much as I want to eat perfectly and workout like a fiend everyday, that’s just not me and its not going to happen. I’m setting myself up for a failure. I can’t be the biggest loser. I know that, I’ve always known that wasn’t possible and that its not healthy either. There has to be a middle healthy ground between working out 2 hours a day, eating 1200-1500 of perfect calories a day and doing NOTHING yet eating closer to 2500 (or more!) calories of junk a day.

I must learn moderation and change my relationship with food. I’m not sure how to do that. I’ve tried many times before. What is it in me that pushes me to such extremes? Why must it be all or nothing–all of the time?

I’ve been thinking about where I am at in my life and where I am going. I’m 36 years old. My grandparents have all lived into their 80s. Only one made it to 90 and the last several years of his life weren’t quality due to a series of strokes in his 80s after my grandmother died.

If you base a human’s projected life span upon what your family members have lived, that means I’ve got roughly 44 years left. I want to make those quality healthy years. I want the chance to live longer than that.

This year, will be the year I finally get this under control and learn how to live with food without over-eating, so that I can become the healthy active energetic person I am meant to be.


2 responses

  1. It is very frustrating I know. Every day is a challenge. Once the pounds start coming off, you understand how hard you worked out to get those off. Once you realize how hard it is, the easy part starts. Some days I might eat my kids left overs, so the food isn’t wasted, it goes to waste anyway, down the toilet. I just then consumed extra calories. Then sometimes,I think I want a cookie really bad, so I will get one and after I chew it and get the flavor, I spit it out in the trash. I know maybe a little extreme, but it works to stop the craving. Good Luck, I am rootin’ for ya!

  2. I know exactly what it takes to lose weight. I know what to do! That’s what is so crazy! Its all in my head. All psychological.

    I have to change how I think about that food and exercise.

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