I’m in one. Been fighting it off and on for the past week. I know its hormonal mostly–but the stress of not having money in hand so we can finish Christmas shopping isn’t helping. Should have money here this weekend, *knock on wood*.

Under a lot of pressure at work too. End of the year deadlines are coming down and there is so much to do–with not enough time. And it doesn’t help when I can’t spend the longer hours I need to at work to get it done. This time last year, I took work home and finished it in the evenings. This year, I can’t do that. We have too much going on.

But I’m on track.

I took the day off from exercise yesterday to sleep in an extra hour and half. I needed it desperately. Stayed in my calorie ranges–on the top end, but still there.

And no diet coke! None since this weekend when we had pizza. I do like a diet coke with my pizza.

I’ll be logging a nice loss this Sunday, if I can just stay focused and not take a dive into a pan of brownies or a couple dozen chocolate chip cookies. This portion control thing at dinner has been especially challenging. Breakfast and Lunch have never been the hard part for me, its the portions at dinner. I’m just so hungry by the end of the day–and no I’m not eating too few calories, I’m between 1500 and 1900. That’s plenty. I’m only working out 45 minutes a day most days a week (like I said, I took the day off from exercise yesterday).

Oh and I’m cold! I can tell my body is burning fat–the furnace is going full blaze inside, because I’m COLD. I’ve got the layers on, but dang it, I sit under two blankets wearing a sweater in the evenings and have a space heater pointed at me on my desk all day. In my experience, this only happens when my body is consistently burning more calories than its taking in and I’m losing weight.

If the scale continues to move the way it has been all week, there is a possibility I may get out of the 290s this weekend. I know thats a lot but its still the first full week (last week I didn’t stay good all week) of total focus on good nutrition, water, and exercise; and I tend to post some big numbers initially in the first couple weeks.

I’m definitely ready for my pants to get lose again.


2 responses

  1. That is AWESOME!!! Kicking out the sodas has really helped me. I had packed back on a few pounds from my massive loss, but they’re rolling back off once I cut the sodas!

  2. I don’t know if you remember me, I used to comment on your other blog as well. I just wanted to let you know that several of my fellow blogging friends have an email loop weight loss support effort going on. We call it ‘girlz under there.’ If you have any interest in joining us, email me It doesn’t generate too much email, and we do give each other moral support. Most of us (me included) are in the same, ‘OK, let’s get back to working at this’ mode that I’ve been reading here. So, I just thought I would put the offer out there.

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