Pushing through

I ate well for breakfast, snacks and lunch on Thursday and Friday, but in the evening not so great. Thursday night we went to Hideaway and the pizza is just so good. My husband doesn’t like it that much–mainly, I think, because its kind of pricey compared to the chains.

But I love it. And I ate a lot of it. I also had a diet pepsi with it, but that’s okay, because I won’t have any diet pop this weekend. I’m allowing myself diet pop with a meal once a week and that was it.

Last night I thought I had made a good choice when we went to McAlister’s but turns out I was wrong. The grilled chicken club is nearly a thousand calories. Good grief. Seriously? So I’m gonna have to figure something else out for when we go there. I also had some of the chips and queso before dinner.

I didn’t exercise Friday at all. Just so very tired this week.

But today I slept in and because I didn’t get up until nearly lunch time I had my usual breakfast for lunch, a banana for a snack and then we had chili for dinner with fritos and cheese. I had a nice big salad before hand to get my veggies in. And because I was low on calories for the day, the addition of fritos and cheese to my chili didn’t hurt my calorie totals for the day.

I spent the day cleaning. Lots and lots of cleaning. Only got the living room and kitchen done but its cleaner than its been in a while and that feels good. Tomorrow, I’ll attempt to tackle the kids rooms. As much as I hate to. I’m counting all the cleaning as exercise for the day.

I’ve been fighting a bad mood all week. It continues. It’s hormonal–so the fact that I’ve been able to push through this week is absolutely amazing. I’m counting it as an accomplishment and whatever the scale reads tomorrow, I’m going to remind myself that its a victory that I didn’t dive head first into a pan of chocolate chip cookies and that I’m still taking it a meal at a time, no matter what my last choice may have been.


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