Pete and Re-Pete

Pete and Re-Pete were crossing a bridge, Pete fell off.  Who’s left? 


Pete and Re-Pete were crossing a bridge, Pete fell off.  Who’s left?


Sometimes, I feel like I’m repeating myself here.  Over and over I say the same things.  Make the same promises to myself.  It’s because for me, this is a mental fight.  If I can get the right frame of mind, I feel like all the rest will fall right into place.

I posted the following (like most of these entries) at Sparkpeople today:

It’s that time of year, when we all begin looking at the past year and what we did or did not make happen and what we want to make happen in the next year.

I didn’t make much progress–in fact I backslid.

It’s in the past, I have to leave it there, but at the same time I must learn from my mistakes.

I’m working on correcting my attitude so that this time next year I can in fact be proud of what I have accomplished, instead of regretting my lack of progress.

I’m turning my attention towards changing how I think about food and exercise. I’ve always needed to do this, but haven’t really actively WORKED at it. This is key. For me, weightloss is absolutely a mental issue. If I can master this, then the rest will follow.

In 2010, I will learn to like salads.  I will make healthy substitutions. I will learn to limit sweets and be okay with that. I will learn to enjoy exercise and be consistent with it. I will give up diet soda. I will learn to limit my portion sizes. I will also stop obsessing about food and my weight.

I will learn to live in the moment and find contentment with who I am in that moment, while still looking forward towards my goals.

I can and will be fit before I turn 40. I turn 37 in October. I want to make the most of these final years of my 30s. I’ve wasted too much time already.

I will actively work to have a positive attitude and believe that I am worth making positive changes.  I will believe in myself and all that I can do. 

I will finish what I start.


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