Week 6: Building Momentum

I’m pleased to report a 3.5 lb loss for this week.  That takes me to a total of 10.7 lbs since the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  I’m thrilled with this progress, as I continue to work on mastering moderation and attitude.  These continue to be the key elements to my success.

This week, I have faced the hormonal challenges that have been an affliction on a monthly basis for years.  In a word, I was a bitch.  I was emotional.  I cried.  And on only one night, did I succumb to the temptation of food.  We were pressed for time, and ended up eating out at a Chinese buffet.  NOT my favorite food by any stretch of the imagination.  I hate Chinese.  Yet somehow I always manage to overeat when we go there.  I’ve figured out that is has to do with my search for something that is both satisfying and tastes good.  I fill my plate and try dish after dish in my search and in the end walk away unsatisfied and disappointed but stuffed.  This time, I still filled my plate, but if I took a bite and didn’t like it, I didn’t feel compelled to keep eating it.  Clean Plate Syndrome did not dominate on this visit.

In many cases, I spit the offending morsels into a napkin rather than swallowing them.  Gross, I know.  But effective.

That night, when we got home, I really fell down though.  I ate a dozen of the chocolate chip cookies I made on New Year’s Eve.  Dipped in Cool Whip Lite, no less.

BUT.  Did you catch that?  The chocolate chip cookies I made on New Year’s Eve—over a week ago—are STILL in my kitchen!  I didn’t eat them all. THAT, my friends, is a huge step for me.  I made around 3 dozen of the best chocolate chip cookies ever—they are best warm from the oven by the way—and I have not eaten them all yet.  THAT is unheard of!  Progress!

Work has been extremely stressful this week.  The weather over the holidays really caused me some headaches by keeping me from being able to go in.  I’m so far behind and January is normally a nightmare anyway, as it marks budget, taxes, end of the year reports, new year planning, newsletter, and our supporter solicitation for funds.  It’s a massive mailing that we do in-house and is responsible for garnering a huge chunk of our operating funds for the year.  So it has to be done—and done quickly.

I’m proving to myself that if I can stay focused at this time of the year (granted, I have the edge of the New Year motivation) then I should be able to stay focused throughout the year.


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