Week 12: Woohoo! 5.2 more lbs gone!

This was a good week on the scale. It was hard in every other way, though.  It was just a really difficult week to get through and I still feel like its not over as I have deadlines and projects that I have not been able to make yet, BUT, I did not seek out sweets and comfort foods in response and I only over ate twice–Once when we had pizza, and then last night when I made meatloaf.

But I lost 5.2 lbs this week taking me to a total of 19.4 pounds gone since Thanksgiving Sunday. And 12.2 lbs since the Sunday after New Year’s.

I’m only averaging 1.7 lbs a week at this point, but when I’m focused I know I can up that average to as much as 2.5 – 3 lbs. I had three weeks there when I didn’t lose anything, I gained then lost what I gained again. So that’s totally throwing my average off.

I have to make this short, I’ve got to take my daughter to sell girl scout cookies.

By the way, that’s another victory–I haven’t dipped into the girl scout cookies in three weeks–not since I had those three weeks of no loss, and a gain.


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