Happy Birthday to Me…

37 years old and still trying to get things right…. that’s my “bio” on Facebook. And its so the truth. Today, I turned 37 years old and while I have gained a great deal of wisdom in those 37 years, I’m also struggling with the same issues I always have. I made a big deal about how this day had to be special. It’s 10/10/10 and I turned 37 (born in 1973).

10 is supposed to be my lucky number. But its not about luck. It’s about me making things happen–every single day. No matter how hard it may be to make those choices, I have to do it–I haven’t got that much time left to make the changes I need to without doing irreparable harm to my body. I may have already crossed that threshold, I don’t know. I do know that my knees and ankles are hurting me more and more. The past week its been one long ache and pain that I’m pretty sure would disappear completely with the weight.

So year 38 begins now and it has a lot of potential to be great–but I’ve got to make it happen. And if I can finally make that happen that will be the real birthday present.


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