I’m working on it.  I’m working on ME.  Sparkpeople’s Coach Dean wrote a couple of articles about Motivation that I read this week and it was all about how motivation is something that we have to work on ourselves–it’s not something that happens TO us.  It’s our choices.  We fuel our own motivation.  Or something like that.  It was a 2 part article and the second one really hit home with me the most.

The article can be found here: ion_articles.asp?id=634

And the part that really resonated most with me was this:
“…history is not destiny. From a psychological point of view, emotional “reality” is the product of whatever story you tell yourself about how things are and why you are the way you are. If you want (or need) to change your reality, then change the story you are telling yourself. This does not mean denying or ignoring your past or present circumstances, or inventing a nice fairy tale to take their places….Your new story can be about how your creativity, ingenuity, and perseverance enable you to find full or partial solutions to these challenges, and to do the best that you can with what you’ve got to work with.

The story you are telling yourself at any moment is the foundation of your motivation, or lack of it. Make sure you are telling yourself the story you need to hear. And the best way to really come to believe your story is to see it come true in the small, well-chosen steps you take every day.”

I printed that part on several pieces of cardstock to post around my house.    I need to remember (Because I’ve known it in the past, I’ve just struggled with some issues) that I am responsible for my choices AND my own motivation.  I’m not a victim.  I am strong.  I am determined.  I can do this.


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