25 lbs gone!

I’ve lost a little over 25 pounds in nearly 8 weeks!  I continue to feel like my attitude has taken a major turn for the better.  I do have the occasional down day, but I’m not letting stress rule my food choices.

I get tired from time to time, and sometimes that is simply because I forgot to take my multi-vitamin and my Super B complex supplement.  Other times I know it’s because I’ve been doing a lot–a lot of exercise, a lot of work, a lot of extra curricular activities with my kids and their school–and I’ve chosen to handle those days by taking the day off from exercise (if I didn’t already manage to get it in early in the day) and going to bed early.  It’s helping.

This Saturday will mark 8 weeks of no diet soda/soda of any kind.  I only drink water and the occasional fruit/veggie smoothie.  I have truly come to think of soda as poison.  And I want it out of my life and my family’s life for good.  I haven’t managed to erradicate it from my family’s life, but I have definitely managed to get them to cut back on how much they are drinking.  Cutting the diet soda isn’t the only change I’ve made of course, but it is one of the most important in helping me to stick to a healthy eating plan.  Diet soda tends to make me crave sweets and refined carbs and it does a number on my moods too.

I feel really good about my progress.  Twenty-five pounds gone is nearly 1/6 of the total weight I want to lose to reach my goal.  And I’m just 5 pounds shy of my first 10% weightloss goal.  If I work hard over the next 11 days, I think I might be able to make it to that 10% mark before my husband and I leave for Las Vegas!  I’ve decided that the trip to Vegas is my first 10% goal Reward.  So I really need to try to make it to that 10% officially before we leave!


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