Re-wiring my brain

I’ve been back from Vegas for a week and a half.  I did pretty well making decent choices, although I did indulge in the buffets (tried to keep the portions small!) but I wasn’t eating as clean and healthy as I was here at home.  I certainly didn’t get the veggies/fruits in there that I have been getting here and I had way too many sweets. I walked a lot in Vegas too, and when I came home I hadn’t gained and had actually lost a bit from before I left on the trip at the beginning of the week.

But, I’ve been struggling for the past 10 days getting back into the healthy routine I was in before I left for Vegas.  Until today, I hadn’t had any formal exercise since we left and I’ve found myself succumbing to the temptation of cookies.  Almost every single day.  Not one cookie.  Not two.  More like a dozen.  That’s 1200 calories I didn’t need!

Anyway, I haven’t gained (by the grace of God) but I haven’t lost either and worse than that, I’ve been feeling really crummy.  Tired.  Lethargic.  BLAH.

Today, I made myself get back into my routine.  I ate clean. I got lots of fruits and veggies.  I didn’t eat processed foods.  No eating out either and I came in under my calories.  More important than all that, I worked out.  I did 2 miles of my new 5 mile walk away the pounds dvd.  Tomorrow I plan to do it again–maybe even more.   I’m going to rebuild my routine–I’m not waiting another day.  I got myself back on track TODAY.

I had a bit of an epiphany while watching last week’s episode of Biggest Loser on our DVR.  Dr. Rob Huizenga had brought another medical expert in to talk about the brain and how its “wired” in obese vs. healthy people.  They talked about how we are re-wiring our brains for weeks and months to eat healthy and exercise and all it takes is one week (or less!) of going back to the old unhealthy habits for the brains wiring to revert back to the way it was before–with how it responds to cravings and food, etc.

And I was reminded how many times I’ve gone on vacation for a week and said I’d allow myself to go “off” plan for that time and then I struggled and struggled and struggled some more–sometimes for months and even years to get back to that healthy place I was before I went on the vacation.

I can’t let that happen again.

So I’m making conscious food and exercise choices and I will not allow myself to backslide again.  Time to rebuild what I worked so hard for the previous two months, BEFORE I gain back the 20+ lbs I lost.

Never again…  I will not allow myself to go down that road again.  It’s about educating myself and implementing those lessons.  This was another lesson, and I’m taking it to heart.


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