I don’t know why it’s so hard to start to get moving.  I always feel soo good when I actually do it.  It’s the motivation to start that is really lacking–especially in the morning when there is nothing I’d rather be doing than sleeping.

Today I was so tired, I came home after taking the kids to school and went back to bed for three hours!  So as of this post I still haven’t managed to work it into the schedule.  But I’m going to.  I have a limited window to go take a walk down our country road and back.  Down and back three times is right at 2 miles and right now its taking me about 25 minutes to walk it.  It’s a rather steep hill coming back up the road, so while its slower going than I’d like I know my heart rate is definitely up there and I’m burning huge numbers of calories.  As long as I can get started before 7:30pm, I can get it done before it gets too dark.  The other night I waited til 8pm and it was pitch dark on that last lap up the gravel road.

I’ve been using my MapMyWalk iphone app to log the workouts so that I know for sure the distance is accurate.  That’s motivating and helpful when I try new routes out. I’ve also got to work in some strength training today too.

Plus we are trying to get our yard cleaned up so we can mow.  Its already so tall and we are expecting more rain by the end of the week!  Better get moving!

UPDATE: Missed my window, so instead me and my younger two kids did 2 miles of a walk away the pounds dvd.  It worked up quite the sweat and I was so sore when I went to bed. I got it done though!


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