Cost of eating healthy


Eating healthy can cost a lot when you are on a tight budget. Tonight I loaded the cart with produce, some frozen veggies, whole wheat bread, greek yogurt, and sugar free cool whip (for my fruit salad–yummy, yummy!) and it cost me a little over $50.

That’s a lot of money for our family. It’snot easy to keep the cupboards stocked with healthy options when you have a family of five including my two fruit/veggie-loving-boys. But we do the best we can and stock up when we can, and pray that the lean times when the cupboards are bare of healthy options are few and far between.

Now, I’m headed to the kitchen to make myself a big fruit salad. (yummy, yummy!)


Baby Steps

Last last summer, I decided that I absolutely had to begin looking at this journey in terms of baby steps.  I’ve long known this is the key, but making it happen hasn’t been as easy as KNOWING what to do.  If it were, I would have reached my goal seven years ago.

So late last August, I finally took the first of several baby steps.  This was a big one.  I gave up diet coke–and all other soda-type beverages.  No more chemical drinks.  Now, I only drink water or flavored waters or occasionally a light/diet lemonade.  For 30 weeks I have been diet coke free.  You would think the craving would be totally eradicated, but it’s not.  Just this past week, while my family was on vacation for spring break I found myself craving a diet coke in the worst way.  And in the past, if I were to give in to temptation it would have been while traveling.  I have survived two major trips now and not broken.  Last November my husband finally took me to Las Vegas for the first time (he’s been many times) and I didn’t drink any soda/diet soda there either.

I feel like this is major progress for me.  And now it’s time to take the next baby step in this process.  No more processed carbs.  Specifically (and especially) I will stear clear of any kind of restaurant bread/grain/chips.  If I can give up diet coke (a serious addiction for me that it has taken multiple attempts to break loose from) I can and will give up processed carbs.  The only exception will be whole grains when I know for certain what the nutrition content is in them.

So, yesterday at Buffalo wild wings I had a grilled chicken salad for lunch and told them to go light (half of what they usually do) on the cheese.  Then at dinner the husband wanted to eat out at a local italian place for “kids night” and our daughter’s birthday dinner so she could get a free dessert.  I didn’t eat any of the bread and herbed oil.  I swear I could taste it though.  That was so hard to ignore.  I ordered the spinach and grilled chicken salad which came with feta cheese, strawberry slices, a few pecan crumbles and a light strawberry vinagrette.  However, I suffered a moment of weakness when I caved in to have a couple of bites of my daughter’s cheesecake but I’m still counting it a win.

My husband loves to eat out–and this is probably one of the biggest–if not THE biggest–obsticle I face in this process of trying to lose weight and get healthy.  Once again, today at lunch, the husband wanted to go to a local burger joint. I told him no thanks, because I knew there were NO good choices to be made at that place.  Shredded iceburg lettuce drenched in ranch dressing is not a good salad.  So he changed his selection to Wendy’s because he knew that was one of the few places I can get what I need and I got my full sized apple pecan chicken salad that I so love.  I can’t wait until strawberries are in season and they bring back the berry salad at wendy’s as well as the one at Panera Bread!

I’ve always loved bread to the point of claiming a carb-addiction.  But I was seriously addicted to diet coke too–so, I figure that if I can give up soda/diet coke for the past 30 weeks, surely I can give up processed carbs. The hardest part is the detox.  Hopefully, giving up processed carbs will be what does the trick and boosts my weightloss into gear and keeps me from backsliding or staying in the same 5-10 pound range I have been in for the past 4-5 months (285-295).  The cut down on carbs will also help me maintain blood sugar levels and head off that diabetic diagnosis I’ve been tumbling towards for a while–and hopefully it will translate to my husband’s eating habits as well, because he’s been backsliding way too much in the past year and his numbers are out of control.

I know that the carbs (specifically processed/refined!) are the key here–as well as making a stronger effort to make 30-60 minutes of real cardio and strength training a daily habit.  My kids are the motivation I need to make that daily appointment.  They need the activity just as much as I do and we are working together to make that happen.

Pushing through

I ate well for breakfast, snacks and lunch on Thursday and Friday, but in the evening not so great. Thursday night we went to Hideaway and the pizza is just so good. My husband doesn’t like it that much–mainly, I think, because its kind of pricey compared to the chains.

But I love it. And I ate a lot of it. I also had a diet pepsi with it, but that’s okay, because I won’t have any diet pop this weekend. I’m allowing myself diet pop with a meal once a week and that was it.

Last night I thought I had made a good choice when we went to McAlister’s but turns out I was wrong. The grilled chicken club is nearly a thousand calories. Good grief. Seriously? So I’m gonna have to figure something else out for when we go there. I also had some of the chips and queso before dinner.

I didn’t exercise Friday at all. Just so very tired this week.

But today I slept in and because I didn’t get up until nearly lunch time I had my usual breakfast for lunch, a banana for a snack and then we had chili for dinner with fritos and cheese. I had a nice big salad before hand to get my veggies in. And because I was low on calories for the day, the addition of fritos and cheese to my chili didn’t hurt my calorie totals for the day.

I spent the day cleaning. Lots and lots of cleaning. Only got the living room and kitchen done but its cleaner than its been in a while and that feels good. Tomorrow, I’ll attempt to tackle the kids rooms. As much as I hate to. I’m counting all the cleaning as exercise for the day.

I’ve been fighting a bad mood all week. It continues. It’s hormonal–so the fact that I’ve been able to push through this week is absolutely amazing. I’m counting it as an accomplishment and whatever the scale reads tomorrow, I’m going to remind myself that its a victory that I didn’t dive head first into a pan of chocolate chip cookies and that I’m still taking it a meal at a time, no matter what my last choice may have been.


I’m in one. Been fighting it off and on for the past week. I know its hormonal mostly–but the stress of not having money in hand so we can finish Christmas shopping isn’t helping. Should have money here this weekend, *knock on wood*.

Under a lot of pressure at work too. End of the year deadlines are coming down and there is so much to do–with not enough time. And it doesn’t help when I can’t spend the longer hours I need to at work to get it done. This time last year, I took work home and finished it in the evenings. This year, I can’t do that. We have too much going on.

But I’m on track.

I took the day off from exercise yesterday to sleep in an extra hour and half. I needed it desperately. Stayed in my calorie ranges–on the top end, but still there.

And no diet coke! None since this weekend when we had pizza. I do like a diet coke with my pizza.

I’ll be logging a nice loss this Sunday, if I can just stay focused and not take a dive into a pan of brownies or a couple dozen chocolate chip cookies. This portion control thing at dinner has been especially challenging. Breakfast and Lunch have never been the hard part for me, its the portions at dinner. I’m just so hungry by the end of the day–and no I’m not eating too few calories, I’m between 1500 and 1900. That’s plenty. I’m only working out 45 minutes a day most days a week (like I said, I took the day off from exercise yesterday).

Oh and I’m cold! I can tell my body is burning fat–the furnace is going full blaze inside, because I’m COLD. I’ve got the layers on, but dang it, I sit under two blankets wearing a sweater in the evenings and have a space heater pointed at me on my desk all day. In my experience, this only happens when my body is consistently burning more calories than its taking in and I’m losing weight.

If the scale continues to move the way it has been all week, there is a possibility I may get out of the 290s this weekend. I know thats a lot but its still the first full week (last week I didn’t stay good all week) of total focus on good nutrition, water, and exercise; and I tend to post some big numbers initially in the first couple weeks.

I’m definitely ready for my pants to get lose again.


I think my body is doing a self-cleansing right now.  Which is totally cool.  I’ve always been tempted to do a “cleanse” because I think the concept is great and I love the idea of shedding all the icky stuff and toxins and whatever else is theoretically supposed to give your body a fresh clean slate.  But I know that while a cleanse sounds great in theory it’s usually not good in practice.   Fasting just isn’t a good idea and eating only one type of food or drinking strictly juice isn’t cool either.  Besides, its just too limiting and difficult to stick to and that is likely to cause me to binge on epic proportions.

The truth is, that if I eliminate the sugar and refined carbs from my diet, stick to drinking water and up my fruits (besides just bananas!) and veggies and lean proteins my body will take care of the cleansing process on its own. 

I can feel it in my mood and energy levels.  And boy do I feel it in the bathroom. 

Now that I’ve shared way too much information for the day, please feel free to carry on about your business.  I am.


3 days.

3 days of making it to the YMCA to use the elliptical machine for 30 minutes each.

3 days of keeping my calories in check and eating all my servings from each of the food groups.

3 days of allowing myself a taste, a morsel, afew pieces of something sweet and indulgent that in the past I would have overindulged in.

3 days of drinking 12 cups or more of water

3 days off diet soda.

3 days.

It’s progress.