Cost of eating healthy


Eating healthy can cost a lot when you are on a tight budget. Tonight I loaded the cart with produce, some frozen veggies, whole wheat bread, greek yogurt, and sugar free cool whip (for my fruit salad–yummy, yummy!) and it cost me a little over $50.

That’s a lot of money for our family. It’snot easy to keep the cupboards stocked with healthy options when you have a family of five including my two fruit/veggie-loving-boys. But we do the best we can and stock up when we can, and pray that the lean times when the cupboards are bare of healthy options are few and far between.

Now, I’m headed to the kitchen to make myself a big fruit salad. (yummy, yummy!)


Making it Happen

“If it is to be, it’s up to me”

I have to choose to make the changes in my life happen. If I don’t, it will never happen. Today, I will regroup from the holidays and the celebrations and the food. I backslid a bit over the holidays with parties, and family get togethers, and making cookies for Santa. Today, I return to my purpose.

My mom got me a Sportline watch that doubles as a heart rate monitor. It’s not a body bugg–which is what I’d love to have, but I never expected anyone to get me one of those. They are just too expensive. I’m using the watch to monitor my heart rate throughout the day, and it counts calories based on my heart rate and age and gender. I’m not entirely sure how accurate that is, since its not a continuous heart rate monitor and it doesn’t factor in my weight. But I’m grateful for it.

It was a wonderful holiday. We had a white Christmas and were snowed in on Christmas Day. It was nice not to have to rush around to visit the extended families. Instead we spent a lazy day at home with the kids. We made our own Christmas dinner and played in the snow. Then went to visit the inlaws the next day and my mother’s family the day after that.

I really enjoyed the leisurely pace of the holiday. So much less stress. Now I’m ready to turn my attention back to my goals and making myself a healthier person.

I love Weight Watchers Desserts

I mean it.  I really really love Weight Watchers desserts.  Those desserts–especially the ice cream ones, are what I look forward to at the end of the day.  When I ‘ve been good all day, stayed in my calorie range, drank all my water, not strayed off plan and eaten crap, that is my reward.  I sit down with a Weight Watchers Giant Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream bar or a Weight Watchers Giant Cookies and Cream ice cream bar and I savor the yummy goodness along with knowing that I’ve put in a good days work towards reaching my goals.  Another favorite are the Cookie Dough Sundae and the Double Fudge Cake. 

As you may be able to tell, I like ice cream and chocolate and cookies and cakes.  It’s nice to have a safe low calorie alternative to indulge in, and not feel so deprived.

*This post was not sponsored by anyone. I really love these deserts and just finished one after a day of working in over 10,000 steps toward my goals of becoming healthier.  I just wanted to share.*