I think my body is doing a self-cleansing right now.  Which is totally cool.  I’ve always been tempted to do a “cleanse” because I think the concept is great and I love the idea of shedding all the icky stuff and toxins and whatever else is theoretically supposed to give your body a fresh clean slate.  But I know that while a cleanse sounds great in theory it’s usually not good in practice.   Fasting just isn’t a good idea and eating only one type of food or drinking strictly juice isn’t cool either.  Besides, its just too limiting and difficult to stick to and that is likely to cause me to binge on epic proportions.

The truth is, that if I eliminate the sugar and refined carbs from my diet, stick to drinking water and up my fruits (besides just bananas!) and veggies and lean proteins my body will take care of the cleansing process on its own. 

I can feel it in my mood and energy levels.  And boy do I feel it in the bathroom. 

Now that I’ve shared way too much information for the day, please feel free to carry on about your business.  I am.